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Phase 1 December 2021 – July 2022

Contractor: Northern Construction


• Demolition


• General Site Requirements:

  o Siltation Control

  o Fill

  o Rough Grading

  o Fine Grading 

  o Asphalt Walkway

     ▪ Base 250 mm

     ▪ Sub-base 300 mm

  o Crusherdust trail

     ▪ Base 250 mm

  o Bleacher pads

  o Bench pads


• Field Construction:

  o Outfield seeding

     ▪ Topsoil 250 mm

     ▪ Drainage 100 mm sand

  o Pitcher’s mound electrical outlet

  o Foul line

  o Crusher dust warning track

     ▪ Crusherdust 100 mm

     ▪ Gravel base 250 mm

  o Plates

  o Bases

  o Outfield drainage tile

  o Infield drainage tile

  o Electrical conduit

  o Artificial Turf infield – Purchase

  o Artificial turf infield – Installation


• Fencing

  o 2.4 m fence

  o Backstop

  o Foul poles

  o Safe foam on fence

  o Gates

  o Dugout


• Landscaping/Outside Field

  o Hydraulic seeding

     ▪ Topsoil 250 mm

  o Trees


• Civil Works


Phase 2 July 2022 – Spring 2023

Contractor: Joneljim Concrete Construction


• Ballfield

  o Portable Pitcher’s Mound

     ▪ Electrical

  o Field Lighting

     ▪ Electrical

  o Score Clock

     ▪ Electrical


• Site Furnishings

  o Benches

  o Path Lighting

     ▪ Electrical

  o Lighting Foundation & Conduit

  o Folding Fence Chairs

  o Bike Rack

  o Bleacher Roof

  o Flag Poles

  o Trees 

  o Trash Receptacle

  o Bocce Court

  o Donor Wall/Entry Sign


• Building

  o Full Installation

  o Service Connections

  o Mural


• Splash Pad

  o Sitework

  o Fixtures 

  o Installation

  o Concrete Pad

  o Mechanical & Electrical

  o Asphalt Walkway

     ▪ Base 250 mm

     ▪ Subbase 300 mm

  o Landscaping

  o Miscellaneous

Progress Report

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